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 Welcome to your  FREE EMS, Occupatioal HEALTH, EMERGENCY NURSING skills/ TRAUMA interactive training site. I have FREE medical/ems  quizzes, tests and simulators for the rookie EMT or veteran paramedic!! ACLS,  PALS, EKG, BTLS and  CODE SIMULATORS, it's all here! NCLEX  practice quizzes too! Trauma Junkie, pre hospital or emergency room nurse, I've got it!  Photo's, EKG interpretation, Trauma Bank photos, EMS News,X-rays. OSHA LIBRARY. We can help refresh your EMS memory! EMS practice tests, quizzes. Some really Cool medical helicopter photo's too (thanks Alec buck). Just click on SKILLS TESTING link and enjoy and Good Luck!  Whatever your looking for, be it ems clothing, fireman t-shirts, brain teasers or other cool websites!  Please come back often, and tell your friends.  Contact me if you have your own ems page and want to exchange links!

 HAVE A SAFE YEAR. Nice shout out to the Weather spotters.

Looking forward to seeing all you LEARNING junkies back .


Welcome to THE  TRAUMAMEDIC web site!
 To all the loyal fans, Hope you continue to use this site, and shop here. Tell your friends!  This web site setup and run by TRAUMAMEDIC. I profit $1 dollar off any item sold in my trauma store, this helps pay for my website. This sites sole purpose is to share knowledge, tips, medical quizzes and cool stuff  to fellow TRAUMA JUNKIES.  I am a current licensed medic and ER nurse in Illinois. If you are a ER nurse,Paramedic,Intermediate, EMT-B, Nursing student or med student, you will find something to test your brain!  NCLEX practice quizzes !!!
 *Special thanks to Lessstress, MDchoice, NetMedicine,Discovery,, NCEMI, skillstat, and the many others who made these great tests, quizzes,simulators and more.
Visit the EMS gift shop(the TRAUMA STORE link). We did not forget our fireman friends, there is a gift shop for you also! T-shirts,sweatshirts,posters,mouse pads and much more! Don't forget to visit the LINKS / LIVE SCANNER page, to see the other cool sites, and the LIVE scanner broadcasts in your area! Oh yes, sign the guest book too! This is a FREE web site. I am not responsible for content of the pages I  link to, contact me if you see anything not working. I do my very best to keep up with new material and links! I did not create tests or skills testing, I just link you to them..I done all the web surfing, now you just click, and I'll take you there!   EMS is my life. Keep your skills up! And document,document,document!! 

I take an enormous pride in this web site, and try to keep it updated. This is a FREE site to test your skills. I am able to keep all of this free, by you kind people purchasing products found here! Feel free to add a link on your site to my page! Hope that you'll find something in here that you like, and tell your friends.. I can also swap links to your EMS site (no paid sites please).   Email and let me know what you like and want. Will try and find a resource and link to it.
I look forward to hearing from you. My e-mail is

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